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STRAIGHT SCOOP — Staging Tips That Help Homes Sell Quickly

The numbers don’t lie; often well-staged homes can see faster sales and higher offers than their clutter counterparts.  The key is getting an early start on the process.    By beginning the monumental task of clearing the clutter and doing a pre-pack now, you can reduce the stress or preparing for Read More

STRAIGHT SCOOP — Northern Virginia’s Next Real Estate Cycle

Five Factors will effect the market.  Real Estate is a long term investment and all real estate markets are set within a larger social and economic environments. There are 5 major factors in the decade ahead which will affect the way Northern Virginia’s real estate market unfolds. A summary of Read More

STRAIGHT SCOOP — Buyers Want a Ready To Go House!

In busy Northern Virginia buyers don’t even want to think about having to do something before they can relax and call it their own.  Two wage earners with children have no time to deal with house projects.  It is a reflection of our high demand – high expectation society.  Thus Read More

STRAIGHT SCOOP — My Home Is Worth . . .

We invariably value the worth of our house by the price of a nearby sale.  In almost every case sellers tell me that “theirs is worth more.”  Well there is more to the story.  Buyers are traveling in a large circle around the area, 3 miles or more, comparing houses Read More