STRAIGHT SCOOP — Staging Tips That Help Homes Sell Quickly

The numbers don’t lie; often well-staged homes can see faster sales and higher offers than their clutter counterparts.  The key is getting an early start on the process.    By beginning the monumental task of clearing the clutter and doing a pre-pack now, you can reduce the stress or preparing for showings and make it easier to move when your home sells.

Try these five staging and organizing tips to help you reach a faster sale.

Purge from Top to Bottom — Do a proper sort and purge, getting rid of outdated clothing, duplicate items and rarely used gadgets.  To keep this task from turning into a source of serious frustration, tackle one room (or even one drawer) at a time.

Pack Up Everything but the Essentials — Start pre-packing your home, storing non- essentials or out-of -season gear in the garage of off-site.  The idea is to give potential buyers a sense of space, which can’t be done if your home is overloaded with clutter.

Fix Glaring Problems — Remove out-of-style wallpaper, replace broken light fixtures, update cabinet and drawer pulls, and refresh dated window treatments.  Simple fixes like these can make your home stand out from the competition.

Depersonalize — Remove family pictures and personal collections, and replace them with neutral artwork and simple accessories.  The idea is to give potential buyers a neutral canvas so then can imagine their belongings in your home.

Go for Polished — Research the latest design trends and stage your house to match.  Professional stages recommend tailoring the design style to your target demographic.  For example, if you’re in a family neighborhood, style the bedrooms for children, or make them neutral, even if none live in your home.

Remember, in the Washington Metro area people want a “ready to go home.”  If they can see them selves in your property, they will make an offer.

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