STRAIGHT SCOOP — Don’t Get Mad At Your Lender


Understand the process.  Virtually all mortgages since the financial meltdown have been purchased by the Federal Government.  Lenders (Banks) are loan originators who the next day sell your loan to the government to get more money to loan tomorrow.  As a result   the government dictates the loan documentation requirements, not the lenders.  The lender is concerned that everything (read “everything”) is in impeccable order or the government will refuse to buy the loan.  That is why often when the “underwriter” at the lender, a person not the loan officer you have been dealing with, steps into the process you get additional requests for information, updated information, or answers to new questions.  The underwriter is just making sure the loan will qualify for the government purchase.

And, yes there is more paperwork than before.  So don’t get mad, be cooperative, so the lender can get your loan’s final approval and you can move into your new home.

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