STRAIGHT SCOOP — 4 Low Cost Tips To Sell A Home

Today’s homebuyers are a careful, nit-picky, recession scarred bunch, and they are working hard to get serious value for their limited cash. As a seller you need to not only price your home carefully but need to prepare your home thoroughly for the process. Here are some tips:


Curb Appeal: First impressions matter, and this is a first date you don’t want to end up loosing out and paying for. Clean up the landscaping and freshen up the flowers. Take down your tacky tidbits and decorative flags, and consider some color updates. A new coat of paint here and there can make a difference.

Depersonalize: Nobody wants to see how you live. Take the family pictures off the walls and trade them for fancy-free, faceless photos that make potential buyers better able to picture themselves in the home. If you have seriously un-generic taste in art, put it in storage. It doesn’t matter how pricy the pieces, buyers aren’t art experts, and taste is entirely individual.

Clean Up: Don’t just make the beds, but de-clutter and minimize. You might like the stack of magazines on the table, buyer’s don’t. They don’t want to know what you read. They might not agree with your fun pillow sayings. A little work and a big trash bag can make a huge difference. If your house is empty, you might consider a professional to stage your home with rented furniture and design sundries.

Small Projects Can Equal Big Returns: Don’t do major renovations. You won’t get your money back in the purchase price. Do choose some updates, especially in the kitchen and bath. Maybe you re-grout the tile, maybe it’s a new countertop or back splash. If you can, add space where it doesn’t exist, like finishing the basement. Believe it or not, a new front door offers one of the highest returns. Consult a experienced, professional realtor on what small things will make a big difference or you will spend more money than is necessary.

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